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Head and brain injuries can have a devastating impact upon the sufferer as well as their family and loved ones. The severity of the damage and symptoms is very much dependant upon the force of the trauma sustained and the part of the brain affected, but regardless of the extent of the injury, it is generally accepted that the sooner you start receiving specialist medical and rehabilitation treatment, the greater the chances are of making the best possible recovery. Thankfully, in the UK we have a health service which is the envy of much of the World, but even with the support of the NHS, it can be frustrating and difficult to get the full range of treatment you need at a time you need it most.

If your brain or head injury is as a result of an accident or the negligence of someone else then our dedicated team can help you. We may be able to arrange for you to receive private medical care and assistance so that you can bypass hospital and clinic waiting lists and get the help you need without delay. If our solicitors can show that your injuries were caused by the actions of someone else then they will pursue them not only for compensation, but also for the costs of any and all medical treatment you may need. This is not only now but for the future as well.

We are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and are not tied to any claims management companies. This means that we are able to assess your case provide you with our own head injury specialist solicitors.

It is free to contact us and by doing so you are under no obligation to pursue a claim. Even if you are just looking for some initial advice, contact us today and see if we can help.

About Our Head Injury Solicitors

Mercury Legal Online are a specialist accident injury practice with expertise in industrial disease, accident, and medical negligence law. We’re different from other lawyers that provide a broad number of legal services in that we work with personal injury claims only, so when you speak to us you know that your case will be taken care of by a committed solicitor who’s an authority in personal injury litigation.

Accidental injury law is a professional legal area and should you need assistance with an accident, illness or neglect case it is crucial that the solicitor dealing with your case has the skills and experience to resolve you claim as quickly as is possible and most importantly to obtain the compensation you deserve. Mercury Legal Online have recovered millions of pounds in damages for many injury victims and our team of solicitors are ready to help you.

We’ll never ask you to pay anything whatsoever in advance when we accept your case or when we are working on your claim – we’ll fund all aspects of the case. You will not be asked to pay any money to anybody should your case be unsuccessful through no fault of your own.

Complete our head injury claim form and we will contact you to let you know if you have a claim for compensation. Alternatively you can call our claim helpline on 0800 122 3130 or request a free call back.

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